Story of Empowerment

She Empowers You encourages women to share their stories of strength, courage and determination.

As part of a competition run on She Empowers You’s Facebook Group, Syeda Tamseel Fatimah was brave enough to share her story and get featured on Reflect, a She Empowers You blog.

Read her Story of Empowerment below.

I still remember that time when I went for a job interview at a school which was searching for a Mathematics and an English teacher, and the man who was taking my interview asked many questions from me and after all those questions, he ended up saying,

‘From which Muslim sect do you belong?’

And after hearing my answer he just rejected me and said that you’re not even able to teach primary classes (just because I belonged to the sect that he hated). He just didn’t know that we cannot measure someone’s ability just by their age. It was the first rejection I was facing in my whole life time just because I had always been a topper in school and I was not used to be rejected with such harsh words. That was the moment Allah swt empowered me and I realized self empowerment and decided to prove that man wrong. And today, I’m just about to be 20 years old and I’m a Mathematics teacher at a school and teaching senior classes including the last class of school or in simple words, class Matric.

Thanks to the Almighty Allah and after that my family and most of all my elder sister who supported me and understood me in every aspect of life

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