Paternal Side of Single Motherhood

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

As Father’s Day is celebrated around the globe, with greetings sent out to fathers, families get a chance to express appreciation towards the unconditional paternal love. There are however, many who lose their fathers but still pay tribute to them in some way or another. And then come single mothers who play father-figures alongside managing motherhood.

Raising children is the toughest responsibility, and it gets more difficult when it is done in a single parent structure. Chosen or not, single parenting comes with multiple struggles and hardships for mothers. From balancing household responsibilities, to managing financial aspects, along with keeping the family afloat, single mothers brave through these courageously.

While fulfilling the daily needs of their children, single mothers also struggle with the continuous concern of raising emotionally stable children and making the right decisions for them. However, studies show that there is no difference in the well-being of children growing up in two-parent or single-mother families, which reflects single mothers are doing just as great as any other parent. Children brought up in single parent structure are known to be tougher and more resilient, as they grow up watching wonder woman play both roles every day.

Single mothers are taking up the paternal challenges quite well, and are providing the best balance for their children. However, it is equally important for the Government to accommodate them in every possible manner. Communities should also play their role in extending their support, and should strive to keep a continuous check on their mental and emotional well-being.

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