Navigating a Career Break

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Women choose to take a break from their professional careers for several reasons. Most often it is due to personal priorities including taking care of their families. While a career break may come as a difficult decision, in most cases it gets prolonged because of managing added responsibilities, or the struggle to find a family friendly environment in the corporate world.

Why is it Difficult to Return to Work?

Returning to the workforce gets challenging for most women. Those who pursue a career after a break find it difficult because of a progressed work environment and increased competition. Other factors like added societal pressure, workplace policies and family support, also decide the trajectory of career, after a break and resuming work.

Unfortunately, a career break for women may also result in lesser opportunities and monetary benefits. However, it is important that women up-skill themselves to the best and utilize the time during their break effectively so that they can use as an opportunity to attract the company, once they decide to return.

Government and corporate sector should also formulate returnships or career come back programs to help in preserving women talent.

Combating the Issue

To help women feel secure about returning to work after a break, employers should become adaptable and provide women the option of working flexible hours. Organizations should also make an effort to cultivate a family friendly environment across the company. Policies should be made by both private and government corporate sector to ensure that the loss of talented employees should be minimized. It will also help in encouraging diverse atmosphere at the workplace.

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