how to cultivate strong femle friendships

How to Cultivate Strong Female Friendships?

With the rise of female empowerment, and strong women breaking barriers down in sports, corporate, sciences and so many other fields, it is important that women come together, to make this transition smoothly, and not let the efforts of these revolutionary brave women go stale.

Women are extremely diverse human beings; with skills beyond measure. They are a truly wonderful creation of God. And, we need to make sure, that women are more closely connected than what our society expects them to be. With the very recent turn of events, where class-action lawsuits against sexual misconduct, collective acts of violence, and institutional acts of sabotage against women are on the rise, we need to understand that there is a dire need for women, to come out of their small bubbles of family life and work-life, and bond, just with each other, for the sake of their womanhood.

So, we thought about giving our female friends a few trips and tricks, to cultivate positive relationships and strong friendships with other women. It is hard to find a friend these days, who is completely selfless and is just there for you. And, we need to re-learn a few basic friendship requisites, that are essential to developing those strong bonds of love that can take all forms of societal hits, but never break.

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Take Care of your Female Relations:

When we say “take care”, we mean that you become a brick wall for your friends from the outside; protecting them from external dangers and become a cushion from the inside, giving them courage, peace, and solace in your company. There should always be that motherly instinct within you; to listen to your friends’ troubles empathetically. You can also keep snacks; when you hang out with your friends. Food is one of the best ways to earn true respect and loyalty from your friends. Offering them a warm jacket if they go out in the cold, an umbrella if it rains, or simply a warm hug, are strong ways to actively show your love and care towards your friends.

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Share Your Secret DIYs & Tricks:

Giving them small tips and tricks; that could help them with any problems they are having, is one of the best ways to make your own place in their hearts. I cannot stress this enough. One of the things that keep female friendships from progressing; is a lack of trust and selfishness. Girl Hate emerged and prevailed because of these basic human weaknesses; competition, selfishness, and insecurity. Women felt these emotions when surrounded by other females. We need to overcome this human weakness. We need to think of our collective motive as females; for our survival and our advancement in this society.

So, share those small recipe tips, small sewing tricks, or work tricks that we all try at home to save our time, or our food, or our clothes, or to avoid our bosses.

I remember that a couple of my friends were finding it hard to maintain our very busy schedule of several projects, work-life, and home life intact. I came across this amazing online software, and I shared it with everyone and the majority found it really helpful. What good would it have done to me; had I kept it for myself?

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Try to Chill Out when Everyone else is Chilling out:

I have experienced this many times; that when a majority of my friends are in the mood of just girl talk, movie talk, and fun talk, any person who is talking about something extremely serious and important can appear to be inconsiderate. I did it once; where I started sharing my frustration; about a project meeting that got canceled, due to bad weather. Everyone in the office was enjoying the weather in the garden, and I was practically ruining this momentary freedom. It was time for me, to sit back and enjoy a steaming mug of coffee; just like everyone else was doing.

So, if you happen to come across a time when your friends are talking about their crushes or some funny movie scene, do not talk about climate change and world hunger. Try to enjoy their easygoing side as well, and show them your fun side too.

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Try to help them with Important Things:

Now, helping your friends with their emotional baggage is great. Giving them 1-on-1 advice on personal issues, and helping them with their emotional traumas is one way to develop a very strong bond with your female friends.

But, women do value a friend who also knows the whereabouts of important things: like taxes, insurance, medical checkups, work documents, and personal documents. Basically, if you can help them keep their important things in order, they will be forever grateful. This shows them that you are an independent woman; who can be truly helpful to them.

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The core of any friendship; is kindness and compassion. So, lastly, we will just recommend you to be considerate, compassionate, and respectful to your friends. Ignore their small flaws, and enjoy their positive contributions to your life. Trust me, they know what you are doing for them, and they will go above and beyond, to help you out in your time of need.

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