Resilience, a Weapon

Although I am not one of the real-time audience in the video, but I can still feel a certain sense of unity in the way both women keep looking at each other, encouraging the other to continue singing. Their collaborative passion got me curious as to what the lyrics actually mean.

According to the author of the post, when Palestine was a British mandate, it was sung by women to encourage the revolution. The women approached the dungeon walls and sang this song with the words,

“it will gain resistance, it will come and save you”, helping to keep the motivation alive despite all odds, a characteristic unique to the nurturing nature of women. They added to the lyrics, the Ritmo de Panaderas, the dough kneading rhythm of Spanish women. The Spanish women still sing this song during cooking, an activity that symbolizes the concept of sustenance. What fascinated me was how these women have incorporated this memory into their daily lives, perhaps to keep the memories of struggle alive. I believe it is reminiscent of how women have always been resilient. It is this resilience that women continue to showcase to date. Coping with stress, harassment, bullying and toxic behavior, has become our second nature. It is this resilience that truly is holding together not only our lives, but those connected to us

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