Conquering Colorism in South Asia.

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

We all have heard very usual term said casually in desi households ‘rang kala’ or ‘rang kum hai’ and we are so habitual that we go on without addressing the issue in first place. Or even worse try to fix the issue by using chemical loaded creams and lightening serums. As if rang kala is actually an issue.

It is absurd that even in this modern century we need to address the subject based solely on physical appearances. Color-ism is a problem deeply embedded in our culture. From drinking coconut water in pregnancy to preferring girl with light skin for your son, we all have been there.

You see when the world is protesting for racial discrimination and we try to join the bandwagon labeling ourselves as anti-racists, we are still not doing much to this cause. We need to fight this disease called color-ism which surround us in South Asian culture. It is high time we need to accept the skin color we are born with and be comfortable with it. And make others comfortable in their skin color as well. It is not about being color-blind. It is about having all the different shades of color and find beauty in it. Normalize it which is not very normal in our South Asian culture.

Lets start by holding ourselves accountable with color-ism and racial behaviors within our culture and community and start doing our part. Initiate more conversations about different types of color and its beauty. Discuss about color diversity and inclusivity. Read more and along with family. Expose yourself and your kids to diverse environment, culture and colors. Lets change the notion and start taking pride in our great melanin. Start from within.

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